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Mona Haumann (b. 1978) currently lives and works in Stellenbosch.

She grew up in Pretoria where she did her school training and graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in 2000 with a BA Graphic design degree. She has worked as an art director at Ogilvy, graphic designer, and fine artist ever since. Mona has been exhibiting her work from home, but have also exhibited in the Dorpstreet Gallery in Stellenbosch as well as Kanonkop Gallery outside Stellenbosch.

She enjoys working in acrylics, and oil on canvas. Her love for nature, colour, flowers and plants have a strong impact on her work and is often a metaphor for her wellbeing. Flowers are symbolic, reminding people of the transience of life while also being positive, uplifting and happy things. With its feel good quality and its power to grow, flowers and plants are good for the soul to see and to experience, to smell and to paint. Running themes include the Jonkershoek Valley with its magnificent fynbos. As well as flowers in particular, both native and exotic - each with its own symbolic meaning and unique design.

2014 - Dele van my
2013 Habitat
2012 - Bolandse Tuin (Dorp Straat Gallery)
2011 - Bergrose
2010 - Somer Versameling